November Update

We entered December with a number of investment and funding agreements working through final negotiations, with full expectation of tailing off for a gentle run into Christmas, and whatever Christmas might entail in the current circumstances. But that wasn't to be the case and we had a couple of investors from our network engage with us to re-deploy capital that wasn't taken up elsewhere.
The investment and funding solutions we've been able to provide this year have been a positive reflection of the active position that our network takes in getting deals done, and with the year not over yet we expect to carry on agreeing more funding before the Christmas lights go on for the last time.

  • Tired of hearing about Bounce Back Loans? Us too. It's been great to see clients in the bridging and specialist lending space benefitting from the funding solutions we've been able to provide, to bolster their credit lines and expand their operations. Whilst a somewhat niche market in the finance sector, it's something we're proud to do well.
  • Innovation may not be the newest buzz word, but it's certainly central to how businesses must operate as we move into 2021. In the past 4 weeks alone we have worked with businesses providing Special/SEN Edtech services, through to clients making their recruitment business continue to work in these challenging times - and taking an innovative approach by considering tech enablement has been vital for these businesses. Being able to place funding into these companies to ensure a diverse base for our investment and funding network has built a real buzz across (and between) the portfolio of businesses. A great sentiment to wrap up 2020!