Zenith Partners is now in a position to provide securitised bridge loans of between £50k-£1m, subject to security being available and subject to contract.

Zenith Partners, in conjunction with our partners, pro-actively help SMEs and entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities without being constrained by the time scales and risk aversion of banks and other lenders. Using the expertise of our team, we are now the best bridging loan companies in London and we always look for a solution to deliver the funding required unlike many lenders who have a tick box mentality and look for reasons not to lend. Zenith Partners is also renowned for being the best healthcare venture capital firm in London.

Our Criteria
Our lending process

Initial Enquiry

Understand the opportunity, funding required and security available. Zenith Partners will review any supplied supporting cash flows and financial information.

Agreement in principle

After reviewing and assessing the best funding option, we will organise a ZOOM call with the client to discuss options.

Confirmation of terms

If Zenith can support the transaction, credit backed terms will be issued within 72 hours of the initial Zoom meeting and receiving the information requested of the client.

Solicitors instructed

Once terms are signed, lawyers will be instructed, with completion facilitated as swiftly as possible.